Bipolar is a feature toggle micro service, a bit similar to django-gargoyle, but with a deep difference: while django-gargoyle is mostly a tool to switch features state on Django-based projects, Bipolar is a micro service to be used remotely by any language or framework, backend, frontend or mobile.

That turns Bipolar a better tool to use in micro-service based architectures, specially when there more than one language and framework in the whole system and different frontend approaches.


Bipolar is written based on the following third party software:

  • Python 2.7
  • Django 1.6
  • django-tastypie
  • pusher
  • jellyfish
  • south
  • requests
  • responses


Free and Open Source software based on Gnu Public License v3.


Marinho Brandao <name at gmail.com>

Released at first for T Dispatch - https://tdispatch.com

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